Advanced Research Company Contact:  Kim Fuller-Frank [email protected] Phone: 248-475-4770

Comau Pico Company Contact:  Greg Fitzpatrick [email protected] Phone:  248-761-4522

Industrial Control Repair Contact: Don Czerniewski [email protected]  Phone: 586-751-3335

Orion, Michigan, March 6, 2006

Advanced Research Company (ARC), Industrial Control Repair (ICR), and Comau Pico have partnered to monitor consigned inventory at the Lear facility in Tennessee.

Comau Pico, as an added service to their client base, installs full service cribs (inventory areas) in their end users plants to help maintain and keep critical machinery up and running.  In the past Comau Pico has had to incur the high expense of sending employees to these facilities to “check on” what items had been used from the crib.  Now, with OpenCrib™, they receive email notifications of all items checked in and checked out of their system, cutting down on manual inventory time and eliminating expenses.  OpenCrib™ utilizes a portal, CheckIn/CheckOut station and RFID tagged parts to monitor the inventory.  When items are used they (Comau Pico) are now able to generate invoices immediately thus putting more money back into their bottom line.

Greg Fitzpatrick, Manager of Business Development, for Comau Pico Services, stated, “This is our first installation of OpenCrib™ and the deployment went well.  ARC’s staff worked closely with us and helped train our employees to make sure we were getting the maximum out of the system.  It is apparent that ARC’s OpenCrib™ and Satellite Crib™ system could be considered a “Best Practice” to be engaged in any Spare Parts Tracking strategies”.  “ARC’s OpenCrib™ systems are setting the pace for an increased “Lean Manufacturing Spare Parts Management Model”.

About Advanced Research

Advanced Research Company is a premier provider of RFID solutions, delivering simple answers to the complex question of how best to utilize RFID technology.  They have three solutions: OpenCrib™, targeted for manufacturing environments, utilizes tags on inventoried items to gain control on over ordering and out of stocks; AssetWhere?®, targeted for hospitals and professional offices, tracks mobile devices such as wheelchairs, pumps and notebook computers using the clients floor plan layout and Satellite Crib™, an industrial grade cabinet for “point of use” inventory out on the manufacturing floor.  For more information visit: or

About Comau Pico

Comau Pico is the Global Industry Leader providing Design, Build, and Integration of Body and Welding Systems, Final Assembly, Stamping and Powertrain manufacturing lines for Ford Motor Company, Daimler Chrysler, MBUSI, Harley Davidson, General Motors, Lear, Pilkington, Teksid, Tower Automotive, just to name a few.  Recently Comau Pico has become one of the industry leaders as an OEM of Weld Guns and also manufactures their own line of Comau Robots.

The Comau Pico Services group provides Technical Staffing, Apprenticeship Training, Training Gap Assessments, Equipment Health Assessments, Throughput Studies, Small Automation Projects, and Industrial Material/MRO Commodity Integration Alternatives.  Because of Comau Pico’s knowledge of automation, design and the functionality of all parts in the production process they are able to offer these services to the various manufacturing operations allowing their customers a customized and aggressive total cost reduction effort. 

About ICR

ICR performs mission-critical industrial electronic and mechanical repair services for some of the largest companies in the world. ICR's industrial repair services include; robots, servo motors, servo drive systems, servo amplifiers, PLCs, welders, industrial video products, light curtains, encoders, scanners, printed circuit boards, power supplies and assorted controls.  ICR provides on-site services to many manufacturers to give immediate support for the processing of all their component repairs.  For more information visit: