Advanced Research Company and Plexus Systems
announce RFID partnership for tracking manufacturing tools.

September 2004

Orion, MI - Advanced Research Company (ARC) announced its selection as a strategic RFID partner to Plexus Systems.

ARC, a systems integrator for the Automotive Industry for over 20 years, has partnered with Plexus Systems to bring yet another cost saving, technology rich solution to the Manufacturing environment.

Together, Plexus Systems and Advanced Research Company have found a niche for combining the strengths of already existing, powerful software solutions with RFID technology for enhanced tracking of manufacturing tools. “We are really excited to have the opportunity to apply our RFID knowledge to a known quality product, we have been using RFID for a number of years within the automotives for error proofing and traceability, but now that the pricing is coming down on the hardware and tags, we are seeing possibilities (for RFID use) in a variety of different markets”, stated Bill Sharp, President of Advanced Research Company.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has been the buzz in the news since Wal*Mart and the Department of Defense mandated tracking of all pallet level assets of their top 100 suppliers. Advanced Research Company is making in-roads into the RFID market with two solutions, OpenCrib™, an inventory tracking system that automatically detects removal of product from a maintenance area and AssetWhere™, a tracking system for medical equipment, documents and a patients’ vital information.

Plexus Systems, formed in 1995, located in Auburn Hills, Michigan provides enterprise business solutions to manufacturing companies, which allows them to access all critical information in real time. Plexus Online replaces multiple applications currently in use and integrates into any larger ERP system. Key customers include American Axle, Metaldyne, GKN, Eagle Pitcher and a large number of mid-sized companies.

Advanced Research Company is currently deploying an RFID demonstration system for Plexus Online to be utilized as a show piece at its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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