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  • Used filter media is collected at the bottom of the Roll-A-Filter unit.
  • No hardware required to attach unit to existing air conditioner.
  • Compatible with McClean and IceQube air conditioners.
  • Easy to use, easy to install
  • Replaces 80 conventional filters.
  • One roll of filter media occupies approximately 1/10th of the space required for storing conventional filters.


                 A Product of Advanced Research Company

The Roll-A-Filter provides a cost effective method of filtration for industrial air conditioners by utilizing roll filter media. Simply index the filter media via the manual crank handle to keep the equipment breathing cleanly. One roll of filter media replaces 80 standard metal based filters which leads to 79 fewer filter changes.



One of several tier one automotive suppliers, currently using Roll-A-Filter units in their production plants, indicated that "Roll-A-Filters save the high cost of labor associated with changing the old style of filters on the cooling units. All we have to do now is turn the crank and fresh filter material is dispensed". 

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