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Factory Information Systems (FIS)

Advanced Research can handle your factory information system needs by using all of the available technology to create a complete and custom system. We use the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) model to identify, organize and distribute the pertinent information in a way that is useful throughout your enterprise.

Manufacturing Execution System Model

Operations/ Detail Scheduling

Resource Allocation & Status

Dispatching Production Units

Performance Analysis

Progress Management

Quality Management

Product Tracking & Genealogy

Document Control

Maintenance Management

Data Collection/ Acquisition


FIS implementation of MES functionality:

*       Monitor machine status and availability

*       Provide up-to-the-minute performance data on real-time screens and reports

*       Collect and archive data automatically from production lines and machining stations

*       Monitor first-time quality and line/station efficiencies


Click here to see a sample FIS plant overview screen.

Click here to see a sample FIS user level screen.