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 Manufacturing is more than just machine control. You need to obtain, store and display information, distributing it to the users who need it in a way that they can use it and in a timely manner. You may even need to identify and track individual components as they move through the production process. Finally, you must document your process and equipment, keeping this documentation up-to-date and available for use.

A well-designed manufacturing system can do all of these things efficiently, allowing you to monitor and control not just a machine, but an entire plant. This enables you to make the best use of your expensive resources to obtain the maximum benefit.

Creating such systems is one of the challenges Advanced Research can help you to meet. Let us show you how.

When it comes to controls, you need more than just electrical panels, logic or labels. You need a way to incorporate all of these into a working whole. You need a manufacturing system.

At Advanced Research, our business is engineering solutions.

We can design the electrical system, build the panels, program the logic into your PC or PLC, create a labeling system and collect factory data for the entire process.