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RFID Products
Satellite Crib

Satellite Crib

The Satellite Crib is an industrial grade cabinet that is fitted with specially designed RFID antennas and readers for the purpose of auto-inventorying all items placed inside.

Access to cabinets can be restricted via lockout codes, keypad entry, biometrics or left unlocked and accessible for everyone's use.

The system can be installed as a stand alone, or in multiples allowing for a "search and find" across the plant floor.  They can also be tied back to a central inventory system for perpetual inventory both on the floor and back at the crib or general stores areas.


  • Perpetual inventory
  • Secure inventory
  • Items are close to "points of use"
  • Reduced tax liability
  • System is easily expandable
  • "Plug and Play", no special hook-ups required

  • Multiple sizes and configurations available

  • Print reports locally or from a remote location

  • Poll cabinets for inventory from a remote location

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